Virtual Number

China Toll free Number :

Calling an 800 number is free of charge to an end user inside mainland china. This is also important as a marketing tool as “businesses” have toll free numbers.

China Local Numbers:

DID Inbound:

Collecting of the calls of DIDs initiated by a calling party , and handing off the calls to a VoIP endpoint.

DID Outbound:

When making outgoing calls to China, your Incoming number will show up as the Caller local ID, so the destination can identify you, call you back and you maintain regulatory compliance

China Cloud call center

Cloud call center:

Voice, email, live chat, chatbot and more. Manage all your support and sales channels from a single platform and maintain a presence within the mainland

Voice Alerts & Notifications

Make it easier for customers to connect with your business. By embedding click-to-call functionality within your applications, customers can quickly and easily call your business. Whether connecting with your call center or calling a specific location, click-to-call makes it easier for you and your customers to communicate in real time .

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