A local presence

Establishing a local presence is essential for foreign enterprises who desire to expand into the domestic China market. Chinese people are fascinated by foreign products and services but see contact and language as a barrier. Providing this presence helps reduce that barrier.

For iVOIPS, CLECs, Network operators and Service providers

We can provide these as a white label allowing you to supply your numbers to your customers, we can assist with operations and navigating the regulatory ecosystem within the mainland. Let us be a solution you can offer without having to manage your own China operations.[ Subject to domestic regulatory compliance and approvals ]

All in one Ucaas Platform

Use the all-in-one China call center solution to manage your incoming and outgoing calls. Multi-channel intelligent call distribution (ACD), IVR, TTS, voice response, voice mail, voice recording and more.

Expansive coverage

Direct, MPLS and Public SIP connectivity makes it easier than ever to get the China coverage and superior call quality for your business needs, from our intelligent call routing capabilities, to expansive China coverage across more than 20 China major cities.

Happy Customers