Licensed China Telecommunication Provider

We are a licensed provider of Value Added Telecommunications provider in Mainland China. The China telecom regulations are complicated, not always intuitive, can be difficult in the best of times and are always in flux. They are a full time job to manage and can abruptly shift your business if you are not prepared for it. With our experience in domestic number provisioning, regulatory, and cross boarder operations we believe we are best suited for your needs. Its all we do!

Large Inventory of numbers and capacity

Purple Stone maintains extensive stock of China numbers which are available for immediate activation. High requirement for the channels or large network capacity is the main feature of call center conferencing applications. Purple Stone provides unlimited channels of the China voice service for you.

Quality and reliability

Our private MPLS VPN network is designed to support billions of minutes per day with redundant capabilities, automated quality, abuse monitoring, sophisticated routing and reporting systems, all backed by Network Operations and Customer Support Center 24/7/365.


Advanced monitoring tools are provided, and CDRs are generated on a per SIP trunk basis. In addition, Purple Stone flexible SIP trunk settings help to prevent service abuse.

Happy Customers